French Romance

SKU: NH6098004

  • Flexible and lightweight for comfortable wear
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Multiple Wears
  • Waterproof
What's Inside Your Manicure Set:
  • 28 nails of 10 different sizes
  • Mini File
  • Prep Pad
  • Manicure Stick
  • 24 Adhesive Tabs
  • SHAPE: Stiletto

    FINISH: Glossy

    LENGTH: Medium



    1.Wählen Sie den Nagel mit der besten Größe für Ihren Finger und legen Sie ihn der Reihe nach beiseite.
    2.Wischen Sie jeden Nagel vor dem Auftragen mit dem mitgelieferten Prep Pad ab.
    3. Ziehen Sie den Film ab und richten Sie ihn vorsichtig unter der Nagelhaut aus
    4.Drücken Sie mindestens 15 Sekunden lang mit dem Daumen fest nach unten.
    5.Feilen Sie den Nagel, falls erforderlich.

    Zu entfernen:Ziehen Sie die Nägel vorsichtig mit dem Maniküre-Stick von den Seiten ab. Nägel nicht erzwingen oder abziehen. Wenn nötig, Hände in warmem Wasser einweichen oder Politurentferner an den Kanten auftragen, dann mit dem Mani-Stick die Nägel vorsichtig abheben.

    Vorsicht: Nicht auf wöchentliche, beschädigte oder infizierte Nägel auftragen.

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    Help promote the health of nails
    As everyone knows long nails tend to get brittle and weak as they grow longer. Press on nails solve this problem because you don’t need to wait for your nails to grow, you can just put on a set of press-ons and you’re ready to go. Also wearing a set provides the perfect obstacle between nails and reflexive chewing, leaving nails to grow in peace underneath.
    Ready to go at any time and any where
    Since application is quick and effortless, press on nails can really help you out in the event of an emergency, like an unexpected date or business meeting,when every detail matters and the manicure is no exception. Or in case you just can’t or don’t have time on the visits to the nail salon.
    Explore more different nail personalities
    Press on nails come in a wide variety of designs and colors. You have the option to select your desired shape, the color and the effect. With the easy application& removal, you can change different nail looks even in a weak ,without nail damage and less time and money you will spend.
    1. High Quality
    We Only use the finest materials and professional factories with years of industry experience. That makes AllDashing nails are super soft,flexible and lightweight, ideal for a comfortable daily wear.
    2. Fair Price
    AllDashing are committed to offering the very best quality at the fair price. We cut out the middlemen and by selling online. At AllDashing, you can collect more styles and experiment in ways you may not have if you were getting a standard manicure.
    3. Multi-sized
    Each set of AllDashing nails comes in 30 nails and 12 sizes to help ensure the perfect fit for each finger. Also the nails can be filed if necessary.
    4. Waterproof
    AllDashing nails are waterproof. It is fine to wash hands, take a shower or other activities.
    5. Reusable
    Each nail set includes double-sided adhesive tabs, which are perfect for reapplying the nails. With proper care, you can use the nails for a long time.

    No. Our adhesive tab itself remains non-damaging for your natural nails and creates a very strong bond.

    When applied correctly, your nails can stay on for up to two weaks. This will vary depending on your application method and how you wear them.

    The key to make press-on nails last longer is proper preparation and care.

    The best ways to make sure your press-on nails look natural is to make sure you pick the right size for your fingernails, match them well to each finger, and shape them when necessary.